skeeze skateboard multitool founderWhat started as a sketch on a napkin has grown to the launch of a full blown product with multiple patents filed. SKEEZE skate keys fill a unique market niche since they fit on your keys. Unlike large standard skateboard tools, this means you can always have them on you and skip the "hipper" if you slam with them in your pockets.

SKEEZE founder is a lifelong skater, snowboarder and surfer having lived in CA, CO, UT and AZ. He ran his successful international export start-up from France for 5 years prior to SKEEZE with more than 10,000 customers and over a million dollars in sales. He is a cancer survivor and lives with his wife and 10-year old daughter and continues to skate. 


Nate Romney oversees the finance side at SKEEZE and grew up skateboarding and snowboarding the "greatest snow on earth" of Salt Lake City, Utah. Nate holds an MBA and brings deep licensing and private-labeling experience which the company plans to tap into with its forthcoming pro 'signature series' SKEEZE.


For retail and distributor information or press inquiries email sales@skeezeskatekeys.com. For a chance to have your skate clips or original song on SKEEZE TV and win free schwag email clips@skeezeskatekeys.com.


  SKEEZE North & South America

  4470 W Sunset Blvd #90794
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  Tel. +1 (323) 739-5498

  SKEEZE Europe, Middle East,
  Africa, Asia, Pacific

  3 place General Marshall
  Nice, France 06000
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